Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eclipse plugins for HSQLDB

When I trying to compare and select between HSQLDB and Apache Derby as the database for my mini application.

I found the Apache Derby has an interesting Eclipse Plugins can help to start and stop the Derby easily.

It caused me going to check any similiar plugins for HSQLDB. Finally, i found a project in source forge web site. I'm exciting and start to try it. However, it disappointed me that the plugins seems couldn't be uses directly extract to the eclipse plugins directory.

I had to agree that i like HSQLDB much more than Derby (just feeling). So, I try to fix it and have this workable version even the official project site is not active since 2004.

This plugin is good and easy enough for development.

You can add nature of HSQLDB in your project by right click on the project and select "HSQLDB > Add Database Engine nature"

And then, start / stop the HSQLDB for your project by right click on the project like this.

If you are interesed about it, just following these procedures to install it in your Eclipse.

1. download it from here

2. cd to ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/

3. extract the hsqldb eclipse plugins.zip contents in the directory. The "hsqldb.ui" and "hsqldb.core" directories should be extracted into the ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/ direcotry, like this:


And then, the next time you start Eclipse, everything should work.

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