Saturday, March 29, 2008

XML Certificates exam preparation reloaded

A very suddenly workload happened in my last 2 months. It come from key men in the project team resigned; major technical feasibility decision must be confirm; Project schedule; and, office humanly problems.

Many different issues / problems happened in these 2 months. Every single issue was trouble enough to make me exhausted. With these very good reasons, my XML certification exam preparation was suspended. :)

After the technical feasibility study has good enough insight to proved that we are in the right track; partial projects off loaded to a fresh middle management; and trying to forget the office humanly problems... I think this is a good time to come back to my XML Certification exam preparation now. So, my preparation work is reloaded. ha!

Since, I'm planning to take an ITIL participators course at the end of April. I'll try to have a very active schedule to study and take exam of IBM Test 142 XML 1.1 and Related Technologies.

Good luck for me!

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