Saturday, June 14, 2008

Next step?!

Received the ITILv3 Foundation Exam result on 12 Jun. I passed it with 88% corrected answer. I was already satisfied with this result. :)

How my next move? Move to the service life cycle module study and take the corresponding 5 module exam? Complete my current XML Master exam? Start the new CISSP and CISA exam? PRINCE? or Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS)?

From my point of view, the level of difficulty can be sort in this order.

1. XML Master basic exam (2 stars level) - 1 month (end by Aug 08')
2. XML Master prof. exam (3 stars level) - 2 month (end by Nov 08')
3. CISSP (3 stars level) - duration 3 months (end by Feb 09')
4. PRINCE (4 stars level + training course needed) - 3-4 months

5. CISA (don't know yet) - unknown
6. CFPS (4 stars level with exam location problem) - unknown

Some other my interested areas including,
- Embedded Linux Associate
- Embedded Linux Professional

Finally, the problem is how to force myself to be hard studying. But not, fall into many different entertainment and the super high pressure work environment... @_x

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