Saturday, January 12, 2008

XML Master cert study notes on 12 Jan 08

Reviewed my studying on the last 3 days; and finished the Day 8 contents.

In the Day 8 contents, I had a feeling that it's completely a CSS tutorial. But, I still read it all. And, I got truly understanding the CSS syntax.

CSS is not some kind of XML syntax, and come with it's special kind of syntax to define it style class and style selector id that define inside a '{' and '}' with separator ':' and ';'.

I don't know how much will be including in exam. With refer to the XML Master cert scope, it should be out of syllabus. Anyway, it is not a bad idea to learn more and clear of anything in our life. ^_^

If you just want to focus on the XML Master (Basic) exam syllabus. I would suggest you to skip this Day 8 and jump to Day 9.

With the same concept of focus on the XML Master (Basic) exam syllabus, I'll only read Day 9, Day 10 and Day 14 in the coming days.

p.s.: if you are interested to download my XML Master (Basic) exam scope and reference mapping in excel file format, please feel free to visit the study group that i created for people whom are willing to take the XML Master exam. [URL]

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