Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XML Master cert study notes on 13 Jan 08

Started the Day 9 contents this morning, and read once the chapter contents before fall into sleep...

To be truly understanding the contents in this chapter, you may need to have an XML transforming program for helping you to practice the XSL Transform element usage. e.g.,


The chapter recommended an open source tool called, saxon [URL]. It is easy to uses, but I prefer to uses the Xalan from Apache XML [URL]. It because the Xalan is high frequency used XML transforming library for me.

I prepared a sample that with an XML file with internal DTD and a XSL file to test the ID selection in template. It seems work fine as expected.

However, the ID selection became work abnormal after I changed to uses external Schema with XML file.

Other the other hands, I seems missing out part of meaning of ancestor, descendant, following, preceding ... etc. when I reading the part about using axes. Specially about the different between following and following -sibling; and preceding and preceding-sibling. Need to clarify it.

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